Football Season 2018 Begins…

Winning in Paradise, Dentistry in Paradise, FAU Team Dentist, Dr. Richard Staller

The normal day in our office always includes taking many impressions on our patients.

Today is a different day for us.

Once a year my team travels to the Oxley Center, the home for FAU football and we take impressions on our favorite team ….all of the new freshman for FAU football 2018.

Last year is behind us as we shocked college football by going 11 and 3 under the guidance of Head Football Coach Lane Kiffin. Excitement is all over campus as the new Center for Academic Excellence is being built, portions of the football stadium are being renovated and all of the the team begins summer camp with very high expectations. My office team is very proud to be the team dentist for Florida Atlantic and we take this task very seriously as we fabricate hundreds of mouth guards every year to protect the student athletes while they compete!

Custom mouth guards have been show not only to help prevent injury to the teeth and facial areas but also help to reduce the incidence and severity of concussion. I am a Fellow in the Academy for Sports Dentistry so my training is advanced in the area of sports dentistry and medicine. We also enjoy seeing all of the athletes not just when they compete but as they grow up and mature during their time at FAU.

I still see many of the students that were on the first teams all the way back to the 2000’s as they all remain a part of my life. Yesterday was the final scrimmage for the 2018 team and preparations start Monday as the team practices to play our first game against the 5th ranked team the Oklahoma Sooners.

I try to attend as many practices as my schedule allows. All of the team, players, trainers, doctors, coaches and support staff get very close and our football family gets ready for our first road game next week. Our team is always in the news with our many talented players and our outstanding Head Coach Lane Kiffin. I have been very fortunate to get to know Lane over the time he has been in Boca. He is not only a great coach that works incredibly hard but he also takes so much interest in all of his players not only to be good players but great human beings.

We will board the plane next Friday with the intentions of another magical season!! Still we know it will not be magic but all of the hard work and effort all of the players, coaches and support staff has been doing all year long to get to this point!

This as always it is about Winning in Paradise!

Football 2018 is about to begin and we are all on the Lane Train!  Lets go Owls!

Winning in Paradise- FAU, Team Dentist, Dr. Richard Staller
Winning in Paradise- FAU, Team Dentist, Dr. Richard Staller

More to follow!

Academy for Sports Dentistry Convention

Dr. Richard Staller- Team Dentist Florida Atlantic University
Dr. Richard Staller has a passion for sports and mentoring young adults.

As Team Dentist for Florida Atlantic University Athletics and the US Olympic team, I do all I can to stay up to date on the latest technology and procedures.  This year, I attended the Academy for Sports Dentistry Convention in New Orleans.

Team Dentists from around the country met to discuss how the dentist plays a role in the athlete’s health and concussion prevention.

The Academy for Sports Dentistry is working alongside of the National Athletic Trainers Association to best serve the student athletes.  Some of the courses were “Team Dentists Bring More to the Sports Medicine than a Mouthguard” by Jason Drury, MEd, LAT, ATC; “Team Dentist: Drugs and Athletes” by Leslie Rye, DDS, FASD, FAGD, FICD and “Immediate Recognition and Treatment of Dental Trauma” by Steve Mills, DDS, FASD.

Sports play a large role in our community and culture as a whole.  Whether it be talk of concussions and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) or injuries in pee wee football or little league, the importance of prevention of injuries is very important.

In preparation for the fall season, my team at Advanced Dentistry South Florida is in high gear to fabricate custom fit mouthguards for the student athletes.

With various types of mouthguards, the custom guards allow for the athlete to breathe better while wearing a mouthguard that will not just fall out when the mouth is opened.  Regardless of age, anyone who is playing a sport should be wearing a mouthguard.


Dr. Richard Staller- Team Dentist Florida Atlantic University
Dr. Richard Staller has a passion for sports and mentoring young adults.

t’s always heartbreaking to see a young person come into my office with a dental injury that was completely preventable if just a mouthguard would have been worn.

The average cost to replace a tooth that has been knocked out over a lifetime is over $10,000.  When looking at the cost of a mouthguard as to the cost to replace a tooth, it is truly a no brainer!  Just the cost savings alone is enough reason to wear one, but if that’s not enough reason, think of the time you could go with no front tooth.  Some people may look at is as a battle scar, most people would rather not have to think about missing a front tooth.

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Congratulations to Eva!

Eva Laurent- US Navy- FAU Dentist - Dr. Richard StallerA special congratulations to Eva Laurent for her acceptance into Temple Dental School and joining the Navy!  Eva joined the team at Advanced Dentistry South Florida as an intern while she was in school at Florida Atlantic University receiving her undergraduate degree.

Eva isn’t just a dedicated student, but also an amazing person.  She has worked as a summer camp for those with developmental disabilities and always has a smile on her face.

Dr. Richard Staller is also a graduate of Temple Dental School.  The team at Advanced Dentistry South Florida appreciate the opportunity to encourage Eva.  We are proud of Eva and all she has accomplished!

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