Dr. Richard Staller

Dr. Richard Staller- Team Dentist Florida Atlantic University
Advanced Dentistry South Florida owner & dentist, Dr. Richard Staller

Since 1998, Dr. Richard Staller has been an integral part of the Florida Atlantic University Owls.  Joining Coach Howard Schenellenberger in supporting the quest for a football program at Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Staller became Florida Atlantic University’s 48th Football Founder.

Even as a young child, Dr. Staller has always had a passion for sports.  Commitment, hard work, dedication and determination are all attributes that are strengthened through organized sports.  With the constant use of technology, the concern of lessening social skills and understanding how to working as a team have become a reality.  Collegiate sports help to bridge this gap while athletic abilities and sports provide an opportunity for a college education.

As the Official Team Dentist of Florida Atlantic University’s Athletics Department, Dr. Staller and his team at Advanced Dentistry South Florida are dedicated to making the life experience of student-athletes better, through his efforts to institute a custom mouthguard program for all FAU student athletes as well as treating all of their dental needs.

Over the last twenty years, Dr. Staller has served Florida Atlantic University’s Athletics Department in a volunteer capacity as the President of the booster organization, the Owl Club as well as providing a scholarship in honor of his late father.

Dr. Richard Staller with Dr. Bennet Omalu
Dr. Richard Staller had the privilege of learning from Dr. Bennet Omalu about Concussion Prevention and the effects of CTE.

A constant fixture on the sidelines, Dr. Staller has been to hundreds of games, scrimmages, and practices to ensure the dental safety of the student athletes.  He is also one of the team dentists for the US Olympic Team.

Dr. Staller is also internationally recognized as a leader in Sports Dentistry through organizations such as the American Academy of Sports Dentistry.  As a specialists in the field of Sports Dentistry, Dr. Staller is well versed in the use of custom mouthguards to help in the prevention of concussions.

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